Considerations To Make When Buying Crabs For Food

18 Jan

Crab meat is among the favourite sea foods to a majority of people. Most people find fun in eating the crab claws, bodies and claws. There are crabs that appear creepy due to their spidery legs. Others however have short stubby legs that are not threatening. Most of the people prefer the king crab legs. Others however love the Dungeness crab.

For those who would like to purchase the crab meat for food, there are various options. Two of the options are making the purchase from the fishmonger or the supermarket. In most of the supermarkets, they normally have a fresh fish counter or a section that has chillers. It is important to know that the crabs start spoiling as soon as they are killed and the more they are handled, the more they continue to deteriorate. When buying the crabs, one, however, wants to buy them when they are as fresh as possible, possibly when they are still flapping.

When purchasing the crabs at, one of the ways to tell whether they are still fresh is to press with the finger their fresh. If the crabs are still fresh, they should spring back and not leave the fingerprint. The smell should also be of the sea and slightly of ozone.

When purchasing the crabs from the supermarkets, one needs to be cautious. This is because the seafood from the supermarket manages to have a long shelf life because the containers from which they are normally contained have pumped air in them. The air in those containers is not usually the normal air because it contains some elements that prevent the crabs from going bad quickly. As soon as the container is opened, it starts going bad faster. Check out this website at for more facts about crabs.

When one is purchasing the crab whether, from the supermarket or the fishmonger, it is good to ask the assistant when it was caught. One should beware of the seafood that has been covered in ice. This is because it is a trick to disguise a product that has been on the shelves for a long time. One should get the crab and make the inspection. If one gets the hermit crab and realizes that there is yellowing on the flesh, it is a clear indication that it is already stale and smelling it should confirm this. The eyes should also be clear and bright, not cloudy and sunken.

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